Su Allen is…

An Impressionist artist and gallery curator currently working in Texas. For her entire life she has dedicated herself to visual expression.

In college Su’s heart focused on art, at the University of Texas School of Creative Studies and The University of Michigan Society of Arts in Detroit.  As one of 4 hand-chosen students, she won a coveted position for private instruction from the esteemed artist, Sarkis Sarkesian, Director of the School of Creative Art and Design.

She taught painting, sculpture and portrait painting at the Flint Institute of Arts, in Michigan for five years.

Her strong foundation in art principles quickly evolved.  Starting as a portrait artist, she moved into impressionism. Always on the quest to express herself more fully, she is now specializing in abstract art – non-expressionism.

Internationally renowned, Su’s signature work can be found in corporate and private collections in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Toronto, Phoenix, Detroit, Houston, and Austin.

“After years of study, teaching, and gallery owner, I am now devoting my energies to painting full time.

I’m primarily an abstract painter. Although I an formally educated in art, I attribute my development as a painter through experimentation and the actual process of painting more than any formal academic studies.”

Extensive collections of her work are also located in:

  • The Flint Institute of Arts
  • The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
  • General Motors Corporation
  • IBM
  • Motorola
  • Westinghouse
  • Dell
  • Schlumberger
  • Ford Motor Company
  • The University of Texas
  • Cedar Park Medical Center
  • Bank of America,
  • And many more…

For 20 years, Su was the owner and curator of three galleries in Grand Blanc and Flint, Michigan and Austin, Texas.